I am sure you have seen a lot of tips and tricks to get your Payoneer Account approved or what not! But I promise this article is not going to be anything like that. But a simple guide, based on real people’s feedback and experiences.

I run a small Facebook group: Payoneer Pakistan and one of the most common problems I get asked about is why their account doesn’t get approved?

I’ll share some common good practices that will help you get your account approved. Before we get into it, let me show you a little proof that you can actually get your account approved under 15 minutes. For the purpose of this blog, I created a new Payoneer account and here are the two emails that I received from Payoneer:

Payoneer Acount Approved under 15 minutes.

With that out of the way, let’s see what are some of the reasons, that I think, affect most in your account approval process.

  • Not using your own contact information
  • Not submitting proper documents for account verification
  • Having multiple accounts*

Not using your own contact information

One of the things that people do, sometimes unintentionally for the sake of “privacy”, is put wrong information when creating an account. Payoneer requires you to submit CNIC number and local bank account details. And some people use their friends’ or family member’s information when signing up, for whatever reason.

Let me share a small story.

A girl from the group approached me with a problem that she couldn’t get her account approved and she needed it to be active to get her money out of some website. I asked her to share the emails she had received from Payoneer in order to see what was going on and her reply was that she used her friend’s email and doesn’t have access to it.

After getting access to the emails the problem was that the Payoneer had asked her to show her government-issued ID right after she signed up. But she never read those emails so never submitted the IDs. And when I asked her to submit the ID for verification, she asked whether she could use her bother’s CNIC instead?

She signed up for the account under her own name. She used her friend’s email address and was submitting her brother’s CNIC for verification!

This kind of thing always results in an account getting blocked or not getting approved at all. You should always use your own information for verification. Payoneer account is exactly like a bank account. They need to be secure on their end as well in case you do fraud or something.

Not submitting proper documents for account verification

To start receiving payments properly and smoothly in your Payoneer account, you need to submit some documents for account verification. Payoneer sends out this email after your account gets approved (asking for documents to verify).

Mainly, they require government-issued ID’s photos, back and front both, with proper clarity. It could be your CNIC, driving license or passport. But it’s necessary. You don’t have to worry about getting your documents to fall into wrong hands. Payoneer is quite secure. They take your privacy seriously. So don’t worry about it.

In some cases, if you request a payment from a client. You’ll need to submit a merchant receipt for that transaction as well. That could be a little bit tricky as most of the people receiving payments via Payoneer are freelancers who work independently. Just make sure your receipt states your proper name (Better if it matches your Payoneer account name. Helps a lot.), your client’s name or company’s name to who you are billing. You can always use an online service to generate receipts like AND CO. It’s free 😉.

As long as your documents are verifiable and are ACTUALLY YOURS, you’ll have more chances to get your account approved as fast as possible.

Having multiple accounts

This issue is a bit different. Not uncommon and not always a reason for an account’s disapproval. You’ll see a lot of people online claiming to have multiple Payoneer accounts. And in most cases, it’s not a lie.

You can definitely have multiple accounts. If you need them! But why do you need to keep multiple accounts anyway? You’ll have to pay for each credit card you have issued from your account every year. That’s $30 per card/year.

But let’s just say you need multiple accounts and you are willing to pay for all the cards you will be issuing from your Payoneer account. The only thing you need to make sure to get this work is that none of your accounts are in violation of Payoneer’s policies.

I have three accounts and all of them are active and working properly. I pay for all the cards that I’ve issued through those accounts. And the most important thing, all of those accounts are verified under my own name with the same documents (CNIC to be precise).

A bonus point

Let’s say you got your Payoneer account approved and you have your card as well (if not, read this). Try not to use them on any betting sites. It’s against Payoneer’s policies to use your account for betting and gambling. If you do, Payoneer might block your access to your account whether there’s money in it or not, without any prior notification. So be careful with that kind of thing 👍.

The above information I shared is based on my own and some good folks from the Payoneer Pakistan group’s experiences that they have shared with me. There aren’t any gotchas’ or any tricks, just plain rules that you should always abide by. I hope this helps 👍.

For more personalized help, join my Facebook group here.

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